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Finance briefings

These Water UK background briefings provide further information on the price review and key features of the water industry.

Setting of parametric values for pesticides

Over the past 25 years water utilities have invested heavily in drinking water treatment technology to ensure that water for consumption is of high quality.

Letter to the Secretary of State - leakage

Water UK has written to Secretary of State for the Environment, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, on the subject of leakage.

Learning from the impacts of the 2018 freeze-thaw

The water industry has put forward plans to improve its handling of extreme weather events.

A Manifesto for Water

The water industry in England has set out an ambitious new vision with the publication of a Manifesto for Water.

A briefing on the record and future plans of water companies

A briefing on the record and future plans of water companies.

Annual Review 2017/18

Water UK has published its annual review for 2017-18.

Recast of the EU Drinking Water Directive

This paper supports Water UK's proposed amendments to the recast Drinking Water Directive.

Drinking Water Directive revision consultation

Water UK responded (15 April 2016) to the consultation on the revision of the Drinking Water Directive.

CAP reform: a future for farming and water

Water UK has published its view of CAP reform, and how the regime could be used and adapted to promote better water quality.

Drought Resilience Metric: Development of a ‘Certainty Grade'

Atkins were commissioned to develop a drought resilience metric and an approach to certainty grading.

Wipes in Sewer Blockage Study Final Report

Study on wipes in sewer blockage published in December 2017

Wipes in sewers blockage study

The biggest ever in-depth investigation of sewer blockages in the UK has revealed that wipes being flushed down toilets are causing serious problems in the sewerage system.

Monitoring product labelling and plastic content

This report examines both the current use of ‘do not flush’ labelling on products associated with sewer misuse and blockages and the plastic content of these products.

Developing and Trialling Wastewater Resilience Metrics

Water UK, on behalf of the 21st Century Drainage Programme, commissioned Atkins to develop and trial wastewater resilience metrics, with a view towards their potential use as common performance commitments at price reviews.

Productivity improvement in the water and sewerage industry in England since privatisation

Water UK commissioned Frontier Economics, with Professor David Saal of Loughborough University, to assess productivity in the English water sector since privatisation.

Annual Review 2016/17

Water UK has published its annual review for 2016/17.

Developer services audit

Water UK has published the results of an extensive independent audit into companies’ reporting of developer services performance.