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Charges Consultation: Water Discharges

We welcome moves to improve the audit and inspection regime of the water sector that will be funded by the rises in costs outlined in this consultation, and strongly support the Environment Agency (EA) having the resources it needs to underpin its vital regulatory work.

Bewl Reservoir

Water UK's response to the Department for Business and Trade's consultation on strengthening the regulation of the energy, water and telecoms sectors

A man washes plates in a professional kitchen

Foodservices - Fat, Oil and Grease Management Guide

Large cranes on a construction site

Water UK response to Ofwat consultation on the methodology for PR24

Old fashioned brick building at a reservoir

Options for a Sustainable Approach to Asset Maintenance and Replacement

The launch event of Water 2050

Water 2050

Water 2050 sets out water companies’ ambition for the future of the sector in England

Water UK response to Defra's call for evidence on commonly littered and problematic plastic items

new trees growing in a field

Water UK Annual Emissions Report 2021

Water UK response to Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) and Water Industry Strategic Environmental Requirements (WISER)

Water UK response to Defra consultation on a new Strategic Policy Statement for Ofwat

River Dunsop

21st Century Rivers

DWMP engagement

During the summer of 2021, the Environment Agency worked in collaboration with Water UK and Ofwat to look at Risk Management Authority contributions towards the production of DWMPs.

Freeze-thaw 2020/21: Recommendations from an unprecedented winter

Water UK response to Ofwat’s consultation on Guidelines for water companies in supporting residential customers pay their bill, access help and repay debts

Water UK response to Ofwat’s consultation PR24 and beyond – Creating tomorrow together

Environment Bill: Amendments to Improve the Water Environment

Quantitative analysis of water poverty in England and Wales

Water UK response to the EAC inquiry, Water Quality in Rivers