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In the UK, water companies adopt a formal risk-based approach to assessing and managing Cryptosporidium and any other substance that could constitute a potential danger to human health.

Self-lay code of practice

This Code of Practice is for when a Developer appoints an independent Self-Lay Provider (known as a SLP) to undertake the contestable work of designing and/or installing water mains and services on a new development site in England and Wales

New Connections Charging - Consultation

Water UK has launched a consultation on the implementation of the rules adopted by Ofwat in December 2016 on charging for “new connections”.

NIRC questionnaire on sector interaction and information flow

Water UK responded to the NIRC questionnaire on sector interaction and information flow.

NIRC questionnaire on sector interaction and information flow

Industry facts and figures 2016

Information containing industry facts and figures for 2016

Further support for UK households

Although water bills comprise less than 1% of household expenditure, water companies continue to help all hard-pressed UK households by charging stable and affordable prices.

Metaldehyde policy position

Water UK considers that reducing the overall amount of slug pellets containing metaldehyde applied to land will be the most beneficial way of significantly reducing the risk of treated water metaldehyde exceedances.

Biocidal Products Regulation and UK Legislation

Water UK's position on biocidal products regulation and UK legislation.

Impact of shale gas on water and wastewater

Water UK and its members do not support or oppose the exploitation of shale gas. As with any activity of this nature there are inherent risks.

Flushable products

Water companies have practical concerns about the suitability of disposing of many of these so-called 'flushable products' into public and private drainage and sewerage networks rather than as municipal solid waste.

Water resources long term planning

UK Water sector: priorities post-EU referendum

Post-referendum, the water sector like all other industries is assessing the potential impacts across a range of areas. These include the strength of the UK’s economy and the ability to attract investment, legislation and regulation in the environment and other business issues.

2015 Review of the Drinking Water Directive

Water UK supports the commitment by the European Commission to carry out a review of the Drinking Water Directive (DWD) during 2015 with the option for a full revision subsequently.

Housing and Planning Bill: Crucial clause on flood prevention

A vital new measure in the Housing and Planning Bill has been proposed by the House of Lords that will help ensure essential flood prevention measures are put in place at new housing developments.

Defra consultation on Water Supply (Water Quality) regulations 2016

Water UK responded (14 March 2016) to Defra's consultation on the Water Supply (Water Quality) regulations 2016

EA consultation on fire prevention plans at waste sites

Water UK responded to the EA consultation (4 March 2016) on the review of fire prevention plans at waste sites.

The role of tap water in public health

This report explores the current landscape of the water sector, health and hydration science.