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PR24: water companies propose largest ever investment

About us

The trade association for the water industry

We work with companies to help ensure that customers receive high quality tap water at a reasonable price and that our environment is protected and improved

Water falling over a reservoir in Wales



Response to the Surfers Against Sewage Water Quality Report 2023

Three works inside a giant new sewer watching a crane

Water companies propose largest ever investment

Fine to flush logo

Fine to Flush certification to end


Innovation Festival ideas

A pipeline of brilliant ideas from our Innovation Festival

Sewage treatment plant

We haven't always got it right but the cost of inaction is huge

Constructing new water pipes

False claims about the water industry’s proposed investment of £96 billion


A man washes plates in a professional kitchen

Foodservices - Fat, Oil and Grease Management Guide

Large cranes on a construction site

Water UK response to Ofwat consultation on the methodology for PR24

Old fashioned brick building at a reservoir

Options for a Sustainable Approach to Asset Maintenance and Replacement

Water's Worth Saving

Our water supplies are under strain from population growth and climate change. It's easy to save water at home, cut down on bills and help the environment

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Technical guidance

Developer services, codes for adoption and the standards board

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River Dunsop

Protecting rivers and coasts

More needs to be done in the fightback for our rivers

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