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Our 25 year plan for waste water

To expand sewers and reduce sewage going into rivers

Every water and sewage company in England has developed a strategic 25-year plan.

This is to maintain, improve, and expand drains and sewers, to deal with the more intense rainfall that comes from climate change, and to reduce sewage going into rivers.

The plans set out what's required to maintain, improve and extend drainage and waste water systems across the country. These plans are called Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans (DWMPs). They will be available on all water company websites once finalised. They will be used to inform company investment planning as part of the next Price Review.

DWMPs are collaborative, long term strategic plans that look at both the current and future capacity of sewerage systems to ensure they are fit for purpose. They take a strategic, holistic approach to the management of drainage and flood risk. They outline the investment needs to meet the challenges posed by population growth and the climate emergency.

The Environment Act in 2021 gave DWMPs a new legal status, which means they will have a greater role in directing future investment.

DWMPs form an essential part of the measures required to protect river quality. They also help to limit the risk of flooding, ensuring that investment targets the catchments most vulnerable to intense rainfall or housing development. 

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