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Waste water

Improving sewers and promoting best practice at home


tonnes of sewage is treated every single day


homes and businesses served


km of pipes

Current issues

Issues the industry is facing

Sewage treatment works

Sewage treatment works

Treating and cleaning sewage before it is released into the environment

A large pond on a summer's day in the countryside

Sustainable drainage

Rainwater is a major cause of storm overflow activation and flood risk

A pile of broken up fatbergs taken from a sewer

Fighting fatbergs

Wet wipes, cotton buds, sanitary products and fats oils block sewers

Two spherical buildings on a treatment site for recycling sewage

Extracting resources from sewage

There are many possible products from the treatment of sewage

Two workers walk through a huge new sewer

Our 25 year plan for waste water

To expand sewers and reduce sewage going into rivers

Bin The Wipe

Wet wipes are a major cause of sewer blockages that damage properties, flood roads and cost £200 million a year

bold lettering of 'bin the wipe' inside bins, with bright red backdrop
News, views and publications

Waste water articles

A man washes plates in a professional kitchen

Foodservices - Fat, Oil and Grease Management Guide

bold lettering of 'bin the wipe' inside bins, with bright red backdrop

Public urged to bin ‘harmful’ wet wipes as over a fifth admit to flushing down the toilet

Milestone storm overflow data shows there's more to do

A pile of broken up fatbergs taken from a sewer


Wet wipes are a leading cause of fatbergs and sewer blockages which have a major impact on the environment and contribute to pollution in our rivers and water courses.

Water bills to rise by less than inflation with record support available for those most in need

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Tideway super sewer

Storm overflows

How the sewer system operates and what is being done to improve it

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Check who provides your water and wastewater services by entering your postcode

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Industry statistics

Explore the website for industry statistics including company performance, leakage and water quality

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