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Water UK recommendations on water efficiency

Re-municipalisation of water utilities

There has been significant recent debate about the extent of private sector involvement in the delivery of water and wastewater services. Part of the debate has considered international examples, where the extent of private sector participation has significantly changed, and the impact this has had on service levels. This paper and fact sheet considers four such examples: Eau de Paris (Paris Water), Berliner Wasserbetriebe (Berlin Water Works), the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management, and Budapest Waterworks.

Presentations from Developer Day 21 October 2019

Public Interest Commitment update

Learning from the impacts of the 2018 freeze-thaw

Water UK response to Ofwat bilateral markets call for information

Water UK response to draft National FCERM Strategy for England

Learning from the impacts of the 2018 freeze-thaw

A framework for the production of Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans

Annual review for 2018/19

Public Interest Commitment

Learning from the impacts of the 2018 freeze-thaw

Water UK response to ‘Improving our management of water in the environment’

Water UK Guidance to 2011 private sewer transfer

Post company complaints handling in the water sector-a report by Queen Margaret University

SuDS asset register and mapping - Review of current status and recommendations

Freeze-thaw report December 2018

Water UK has published its first quarterly report on progress to drive improvements in managing the impacts of freeze-thaw events.

Briefing Paper on managing water supplies during summer 2018 and preparing for 2019

A record of the water industry’s actions successfully managing water resources in the long, hot summer of 2018 has been published.