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Government’s rethink on the Environment Bill is right – but needs to go much further

new trees growing in a field

Water UK Annual Emissions Report 2021

Water UK statement on the Environment Bill

Water sector launches first ever Water Pavilion at COP26

Water UK response to CCW's annual Household Customer Complaints report

The Net Zero strategy must not be the end of Government ambition

Water UK response to Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) and Water Industry Strategic Environmental Requirements (WISER)

Draft Strategic Policy Statement a missed opportunity to address the long-term challenges facing England’s water sector

Water UK response to Defra consultation on a new Strategic Policy Statement for Ofwat

Water performance in our future homes has never been more important

River Dunsop

21st Century Rivers

Water industry calls for a wave of bathing rivers as part of a new national plan to improve the health of English rivers

Water UK welcomes two new members to the Race to Zero

Statement on the impact of nationwide driver shortage on the water industry

Everyone encouraged to save water at end of summer holidays

DWMP engagement

During the summer of 2021, the Environment Agency worked in collaboration with Water UK and Ofwat to look at Risk Management Authority contributions towards the production of DWMPs.

Water industry 2020/21 performance data

Recommendations from an unprecedented winter