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Public encouraged to save water as hot weather sees increases in demand

  • With record temperatures forecast across the country this week, water companies are encouraging people to think about their water use
  • Water’s Worth Saving is a national industry campaign that provides top-tips and advice to help people to save water during the summer months

Across the country gardeners, families and households are being encouraged to save water as demand for water is increasing.

As the mercury touches 31 degrees, many of us will need to use water to keep cool and stay safe, but as the weather becomes hotter and drier, it’s also important we think about the amount of water we use and do all we can to make every drop count.

Fortunately saving water doesn’t have to be difficult or stop us enjoying the sun, with even small changes making a big difference. For example, having a shorter shower can save up to 12 litres a minute and could save a typical household £70 a year on their bills – and an extra £60 on their water bill, if metered.

Water’s Worth Saving campaign, now in its third year, provides helpful tips on all the little things we can all do to cut our water use.

These include:

  • Turning off the taps - don’t let taps run when brushing your teeth or washing dishes. This could save 24 litres of water a day
  • Only running the dishwasher when full – the average dishwasher uses 10 litres of water each time. Reduce your water use and energy bills by using it less often
  • Ditching the garden hose – use watering cans for lawns, plants and flower beds
  • Reusing paddling pool water- reuse paddling pool water for your plants and grass
  • Don’t wash your car-Save yourself a chore and proudly let your car stay dirty
  • Let your lawns go brown - it will recover with the next rainfall

Peter Jenkins, Director of Campaigns, Water UK said:

“In this extremely hot weather we all need to be mindful of the amount of water we use while ensuring we stay hydrated and safe.

“By making just small changes indoors or in the garden you can have a big impact on our water consumption. Our helpful top-tips show the simple things we can all do to save this precious resource, so it remains readily available now and in the future.”

An increase in hotter drier summers caused by climate change as well as an increasing population mean there is a risk of water shortages by 2050 – saving water has never been more important. It’s not only good for the environment, but it can also help us save money and reduce our carbon footprint. Heating water for use in our homes makes up about 12% of a typical gas-heated household’s energy bills.

The Water’s Worth Saving dedicated campaign website – – has information for people to learn how to save water around the house, why making small changes can make a big difference to the environment as well as information from water companies across the United Kingdom.