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Public encouraged to make every drop count this summer

  • Water UK have launched their national Water’s Worth Saving campaign for 2022
  • Easy top-tips show how everyone can save water and money while protecting environment
  • Water is an increasingly scarce natural resource that we must all do our part to protect

Today, (Wednesday May 4 2022) UK water companies have joined forces again to launch Water’s Worth Saving, a national campaign encouraging the public to make every drop count this summer.

The campaign is being launched with dry, warm weather forecast for many parts of the country over the next two weeks, making saving water even more important!

Everyone can do their part to save water and protect the environment – from gardeners to businesses and everything in between.

Running from May until September, Water’s Worth Saving will demonstrate why saving water matters, and offer practical everyday water-saving advice, to change habits of a lifetime.

It's easy to make a difference by following some simple hints and tips to save water, such as:

  • Running taps are wasteful- Don’t let taps run when brushing your teeth – turn them off
  • Take shorter showers- Knocking a minute or two off to take shorter 4-minute showers
  • Don’t wash your car- Save yourself a chore and proudly let your car stay dirty
  • Let nature water your grass- Allow lawns to go brown – it will soon go green again when it rains
  • Save paddling pool water- Top-up and reuse paddling pool water for your plants and grass
  • Put down the garden hose – Use watering cans for lawns, plants and flower beds
  • Check for leaks in your toilet and pipes – A single leaking toilet wastes an average of between 215 and 400 litres of water per day!

Christine McGourty, Chief Executive of Water UK, said:

“Clean, fresh water is an invaluable resource, so making small changes to our everyday routines at home, on holiday or in the garden can make a big difference to our water supplies.

“Our simple hints and tips, such as shorter showers, ensuring dishwashers are full, and using watering cans instead of a garden hose, are easy things we can all do to help conserve water and protect the environment.

“With the Met Office predicting a drier than usual May, we’re urging everyone to make every drop count because water is worth saving today, tomorrow and for the future.”

Emma Clancy, Chief Executive of CCW, said: 

“There are few things more precious in life than water, which is why we’re committed to helping everyone value it and better understand how the services we use at home or work impact the world around us.”

"Every time we make a conscious effort to save water - whether that’s taking a shorter shower or using a watering can instead of a hosepipe – we ease the pressure on the environment and our finances too. Much of the water we use comes from the hot tap, which means we can take some of the heat out of soaring energy bills too.”

The Water’s Worth Saving dedicated campaign website – – contains a whole host of great information for people to learn more about top-tips to save water around the house, why making small changes can make a big difference to the environment as well as information from water companies across the United Kingdom.