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Customers report higher satisfaction and value for money

Satisfaction among water customers has increased, with 94% now saying they are satisfied with their water and sewerage services and three-quarters saying the services are value for money, according to CCWater’s annual survey published last month.

The findings show how that companies’ efforts to improve services are working.

The Water Matters survey for 2014 from CCWater showed improved results on value for money (up 6%) and customer satisfaction (up 1%).

Water companies will continue to work hard to drive further improvements and will continue to take action to improve affordability.

Average bills for water and wastewater customers are set to fall by around 5% in real terms between 2015 and 2020 and water companies are allocating millions of pounds of funding each year to help customers struggling to pay their bills.

94% of customers satisfied with water supply
Press release, Water UK

More customers satisfied with value for money of water and sewerage services
Press release, CC Water