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Tap water for hydration – no filter needed

Many of us will have started 2015 with a health kick, and the need to drink more water is a common New Year's resolution.

Some are advising people to filter their water. However, it is not necessary to filter your tap water for any health reasons or because of any concerns around water quality. In the UK the quality of tap water is among the best in the world. Companies run 2.5 million strict tests on our drinking water every year.

One of the most common concerns is the presence of chlorine in water. Companies must use chlorine to kill any disease causing microorganisms. A small residual amount of chlorine is usually present when it reaches your tap to ensure that the quality of drinking water is maintained through the pipe network. You should find that by keeping a jug of tap water covered in the fridge, any taste of chlorine will disappear. Make sure you replace it at least every 24 hours, because there will not be sufficient chlorine to prevent bacteria growing if you keep it longer than this.

From time to time your water may have a cloudy or white appearance. This is caused by tiny air bubbles, usually first thing in the morning when the tap has not been run for some time. You can test this by running a glass of water and leaving it to stand - the cloudiness will clear from the bottom up. Occasionally more air may occur in the pipes when there has been a burst water main or maintenance work has taken place in your area.

More advice on looking after the water in your home is available on our website. If you do have any concerns about the quality of your water, you should contact your water provider for advice.

Looking after water in your home