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Household water and sewerage bills for 2016-17

The average household water and sewerage bill in England and Wales for 2016-17 will be £389 – an increase of £2 (less than 1%) compared with the previous year.

The increase is in line with the 5-year plans developed by every water and sewerage company after extensive consultation with customers and confirmed by the industry regulator, Ofwat, in 2014.

Despite this small increase, water and sewerage companies will deliver a 5% average drop in real terms in prices between 2015 and 2020.

It will help water companies invest £44 billion over 5 years in better services, greater resilience and environmental improvements. Their tough targets include:

• Saving 370 million litres of water a day by tackling leakage and promoting efficiency
• 32% reduction in the time that interruptions affect the supply of water
• 33% fewer properties flooded by wastewater from sewers.

Over the same period, one million more people will also be able to get help in paying their bills. From this summer, all water companies will have met their commitment to introduce their own social tariffs, in addition to their other schemes of financial support.

Water UK Chief Executive, Michael Roberts, said: “For just over £1 a day, households across the country can have access to high quality water services day and night. The supply of clean water at the turn of a tap, together with wastewater treatment services, provides the lifeblood of the nation and the foundation for our health and well-being.

“Water companies understand the pressures on customers’ pockets and are committed to keeping household bills as low as possible while still investing in vital improvements. Through continued efficiency improvements the water industry is set to lower prices for households by 5% on average in real terms between 2015 and 2020.”

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