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Self-lay code of practice

This Code of Practice is for when a Developer appoints an independent Self-Lay Provider (known as a SLP) to undertake the contestable work of designing and/or installing water mains and services on a new development site in England and Wales. It details the delivery processes, requirements for the work and specifies the role of SLPs and Water Companies.

This is the third edition (3.1) of the Self-Lay Code of Practice and supersedes previous versions.

Water UK wishes to acknowledge previous versions of this document which were sponsored by UKWIR (UK Water Industry Research) and Future Water Association (formerly SBWWI -Society of British Water and Wastewater Industries) and also involved WRc plc and Water UK.

This 3rd Edition has been revised by a National Forum set-up by Water UK comprising four representatives and a joint chair from both water companies and those involved in self-lay provision.

The Forum will continue to meet regularly to review the Code of Practice with the aim of maintaining and improving the effective and competitive delivery of self-laid mains and services for new development.

Enquiries about this document should be emailed to: Any comments or observations will be brought to the attention of the National Forum and where appropriate changes will be made to the Code of Practice.