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Briefing Paper on managing water supplies during summer 2018 and preparing for 2019

A record of the water industry’s actions successfully managing water resources in the long, hot summer of 2018 has been published.

Summer 2018 was the hottest summer in England since records began back in 1910. Rainfall across the whole of the country over the 3 months of May to July was only 54% of the long-term average, with even less falling in August – only 43% of the normal amount of rain for the month.

The dry summer had several impacts, not least the substantial pressures put on water supplies.

Water companies ensure that water supplies are managed carefully and responsibly and prepare for potential problems caused by extreme weather. Supplies of water were maintained despite a substantial and prolonged in rise in demand for water, and without the need in England for hosepipe bans.

The briefing paper sets out the range of actions taken ahead of and during the summer to ensure customers got the water they needed, and explains the actions taken over the autumn and winter to prepare for 2019.