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Water UK responds to the PR24 launch document

Responding to the publication of the PR24 launch document Christine McGourty, Water UK Chief Executive said:

“This represents an important opportunity to work together to transform outcomes for customers, communities and the environment. Industry and the regulator agree that the next price review should focus on the many significant, long-term questions facing the sector, such as responding to the climate emergency and enhancing our rivers and waterways.

“A long-term focus will put water companies at the centre of the UK’s green economy,  enabling companies to effectively target investment to drive job creation and innovation, as well as ensuring the sector has the right infrastructure in place to meet future challenges. Companies are also playing a leading role in decarbonising the UK, so taking a long-term view is critical in helping them play their part in a net-zero future.

“In rising to these challenges, water companies will maintain their commitment to delivering value for money to all customers and continue to provide additional support to help the most financially vulnerable.

“Sustainability, leadership and collaboration should be at the heart of PR24, and the next 12 months is an opportunity for real change and fresh thinking so the sector can continue to deliver a world-class service for the future.”