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Water UK responds to Government statement on reducing water demand

Responding to the Written Ministerial Statement on reducing demand for water, Water UK Director of Policy Stuart Colville said:

“By 2050, we expect an extra 7 million people to be using water just as climate change reduces our supplies by 15%. We can reduce leaks, move water around the country, and develop new sources of supply – but only fully meet the extra needs of future decades by also reducing water use in homes. That’s why we are pleased to see the Government take on board our recommendation to introduce water use labels for white goods like washing machines and dishwashers.

“However, by introducing labels in isolation the Government have missed an important opportunity. Labels need to be coupled with tighter building regulations to ensure new homes are water efficient, as well as basic minimum standards for appliances to stop them flushing precious supplies down the drain. Those additional changes are the minimum needed to have the impact we need on unnecessary water use; otherwise, we will see continued risks for customers and hard-pressed rivers.”