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UK heatwave: use water wisely

UPDATED STATEMENT: 13:00, 02/07/2018

Thanks to above average rainfall in spring this year, water levels across the UK are in a healthy position – Britain is not about to go into a drought. However, demand for water remains extremely high throughout the current heatwave, so water companies are continuing to ask that we use water wisely to ensure that the high level of demand does not have an impact on water pressure.

During this warm period, water is often being used by customers as fast as it can be put back into the system. At peak times, companies are seeing demand rise by as much as 30% in some areas. By making a few simple changes to the way they use water, customers can make sure this increase in demand doesn’t have an impact on water pressure.

Some of the most effective water saving tactics are the easiest to deploy. Take a look at our top tips below:

  1. Take a shower instead of a bath - the average shower uses 40 litres less water than a bath.
  2. If you'd rather take a bath, running it just one inch shallower can save 5 litres of water - twice your daily intake through drinking.
  3. Lawns do not need constant watering - a sprinkler can use as much as 1,000 litres of clean drinking water in a single hour; more than a family of four would use in a whole day.
  4. Turn off the tap - you can save six litres of water a minute by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth.
  5. Check for leaks in your home - if you have a dripping tap or a leaky pipe in your house you could be dripping away money, particularly if you are on a meter.
  6. Visit your water company's website - they will have more tips and may even offer free water saving products.

Companies continue to monitor the situation closely and are taking action to manage the network. Additional leakage detection teams are being deployed across the country, and any non-essential use of water by companies is being cut back. By using water wisely, we can all help the situation get better.


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