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Spreading the word on unflushables

Water UK continues to work with retailers and manufacturers and to ensure non-flushable products are not thrown down the toilet and into sewers. Baby wipes, cleaning wipes and other non-flushable materials can block sewers and cost customers and water and sewerage companies millions of pounds a year in cleaning and repairs.

Water UK is working with businesses to combine efforts and ways of communicating, to ensure that customers have a clear and consistent message in the shops, on the packet and from their water companies that facial, furniture and baby wet wipes should never find their way into the toilet.

We are also looking at ways that we can work towards commonly agreed standards on flushable products. There is now considerable interest from other retailers in joining and supporting our work.

For more information on what not to flush, please click here.

Sewer misuse, flooding and pollution

Sarah Mukherjee