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Protect our environment - only #RainDownTheDrain

Pouring paint, oils or detergent down the drain in the street can reverse some of the significant progress made to improve the quality of the UK’s rivers and seas - and can even harm wildlife.

The water industry is passionate about our environment and is investing around £25 billion into improvements between 1995 and 2020. Thanks to this work, we now have wildlife in rivers that have been biologically dead since the Industrial Revolution, and the water at our beaches is at historically high levels, with two thirds now classed as excellent compared to less than a third 25 years ago.

This week, we are supporting the #RainDownTheDrain campaign this week to ensure that everyone is helping to protect the UK's rivers and seas and not unwittingly sending harmful chemicals into our environment. Outdoor drains are designed to carry rainwater only, usually to the nearest river or stream. As the water is 100% natural rainwater there is no requirement to send it with the dirty water that comes from our homes to a waste treatment works, instead it travels directly into our rivers and seas.

It’s therefore vitally important that pollutants such as engine oil, cooking oil, paints, chemical wastes, and detergents are never poured down the drain. Instead, take unwanted items to your household recycling centre to be disposed of safely.


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