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Water UK supports #binit4beaches

Water UK is supporting the #binit4beaches campaign this summer. Wet wipes and other hygiene products do not break down after being flushed and can cause havoc in the sewers and the natural environment.

Water companies in the UK estimate it costs around £90 million a year to unblock sewers, and more than half of blockages are exacerbated by wipes and hygiene products. This does not include the human and environmental impact and cost. Once flushed, products such as wet wipes can reach our beaches after getting blocked in sewers.

The #binit4beaches campaign is championing the public to bin all their wet wipes instead of flushing them. So remember, only flush the 3Ps: Pee, Poo and Paper.

#binit4beaches is a collaborative project comprising of Keep Britain Tidy, the Environment Agency, the Marine Conservation Society and a variety of water companies across the UK.


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