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Water UK response to Labour Party manifesto

The Labour Party has launched their manifesto today (16 May 2017).

Commenting on today’s publication of the Labour Party Manifesto Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of Water UK said:

“The Labour Party manifesto does not do justice to the water industry’s record following privatisation.

“Since 1990, the water industry has invested over £130 billion in better services. The quality of bathing and drinking water is up, and customer satisfaction with water and sewerage services is over 90%. Access to private capital and other sources of funding, repaid through dividends and interest payments, has been key to that record of success.

“Working closely with their customers and overseen by independent regulators, water companies are currently delivering a five-year programme which by 2020 will see a further £44 billion invested in improvements and a 5% real-terms average drop in prices. All water companies have schemes in place to help those struggling with their bills.”

Labour Party Manifesto


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