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Water for hydration and health

Experts in the field of hydration gathered this month at an event jointly sponsored by Water UK and the Royal Society of Medicine. The conference was well attended and the discussion wide-ranging. Even though there was general agreement that sugar-based drinks were a cause of many problems in modern society, there was no consensus on what fluid should be used to hydrate – water, tea, juice or even wine.

Despite the range of views, it is clear that tap water provides a sustainable, calorie-free option that is available to all. Access to tap water when away from the home or workplace is a challenge, and ideas on how to address this were shared. There are also underlying lingering misconceptions about the quality of tap water, which Water UK, our members, regulators and stakeholders will need to help dispel.

Water can help tackle health risks
Speech by Pamela Taylor on water for hydration and health

RSM-Water UK conference