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Stricter standards for bathing waters

The UK bathing season starts this month and runs until the end of September. For 2014, monitoring data will be assessed using the standards set in the current bathing water directive. This is the last season these standards will be used. From 2015, bathing water quality will be assessed using new, stricter standards.

The water industry will continue to play its part in helping to ensure our beaches are kept clean and will work with the Government and other agencies and stakeholders to help the UK meet the tougher standards. In their business plans for 2015-2020, water and sewerage companies are committed to investing billions each year in assets and services to maintain and enhance the sewerage network.

The industry also works under the ConnectRight partnership of organisations acting to reduce water pollution from drains and sewers.

It is vital that water companies innovate so they can continue to aim to meet and exceed the standards required in all aspects of their work. The Institute of Water will shortly be celebrating success in this area at its National Innovation Awards.

Sarah Mukherjee