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Response to Ofwat’s report into freeze-thaw

Water UK Chief Executive Michael Roberts has responded to a report by Ofwat on the freeze/thaw event in Spring 2018.

“The extreme weather earlier in the year led to a big increase in bursts on companies’ water mains and in customers’ own water pipes. Ofwat’s report highlights what was done well – including the tireless work of frontline staff who kept water supplies going for most customers – and what was not done so well.

“The impact varied across the country, with Ofwat saying that fewer than 3% of all customers were affected. But we’re sorry to say that in some areas significant numbers of customers experienced disruption and hardship, and we are determined to prevent this happening again in the future.

“Since 1989, water companies have invested around £150 Billion to keep improving the industry, and as a result customers are now 5 times less likely to suffer from supply interruptions. We want that record to get even better, which is why we are going to work with the industry on the report’s recommendations, and will report back to Ofwat on our plans by the end of September.”


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