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Press release

Water UK response to Advertising Standards Agency ruling on Kimberly-Clark Ltd t/a Andrex

Commenting on the announcement that Kimberly-Clark are going to seek official ‘Fine to Flush’ approval for some of their wipes, Water UK Director of Corporate Affairs Rae Stewart said:

“Water UK is very clear – wipes manufacturers should not label or sell products advertised as ‘flushable’ if they don’t pass the official ‘Fine to Flush’ standard. Our research shows that wipes can be a major contributor to sewer blockages, and customers have been left confused by wipes labelled ‘flushable’. If a wipe doesn’t have the official ‘Fine to Flush’ label we do not regard it as flushable, and it should go in the bin not the toilet.

“We look forward to working with Kimberly-Clark as they seek to meet the ‘Fine to Flush’ standard for their products.”