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Removing barriers to water re-use

Water re-use systems can use rainwater, or treated water from washing, reducing per capita consumption by up to half. However, even developers of environmentally friendly housing schemes say few homebuyers want to install water re-use systems.

Water UK is working with Defra, the Environment Agency and the Water Efficiency in Buildings Network to help remove the barriers to water reuse schemes.

Resilient and robust water resources are something that everyone involved in the supply, management and large-scale use of water is concerned about, and the water industry and regulators are continuously exploring strategies to help customers use water efficiently.

The technological innovations in water recycling and re-use offer one way of helping to manage water resources effectively, on both the macro and micro scale. They have the potential to scale down water demand, as well as reduce energy and carbon emissions associated with the centralised treatment and distribution of water.

Watch on YouTube: Cambridge University Water Reuse Scheme

Sarah Mukherjee, Water UK Director of Environment, reports on the water re-use scheme at a Cambridge University development

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