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Suburban snowstorm scene

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Preparing for winter

With temperatures continuing to drop across the UK, water companies are making sure that customers’ water supplies are protected against the winter weather.
Water companies are advising and helping customers, through their websites, community events and local media, with tips on how to protect their pipes from freezing.

The companies are also ensuring they have the equipment and plans in place to act in emergencies caused by the bad weather. This includes stockpiling grit to ensure access at critical treatment sites, having emergency power generators ready and ensuring resilience at treatment sites by lagging pipes .

The companies are also increasing call-centre capacity and arranging over-spill services so that customer calls can be answered during extreme weather events

Protect your pipes:

It is important that everyone is aware of the measures they can take to protect the pipes in their home from freezing and bursting in winter. More information about these measures can be found on our website here and the customer advice pages of your water supplier’s website.