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Please don’t gather at reservoirs and lakes

Water companies are asking people to stay at home for the good of their health rather than visit popular sites like reservoirs.

To help the public keep themselves, their families and their communities protected from the spread of Covid-19, water companies are closing most of their leisure facilities.

These include normally busy places like sailing centres, bird-watching hides, wildlife havens and water parks, along with the car parks, cafes and toilets linked to them.

Although water companies are passionate about providing the public with nature sites to boost health and wellbeing, they are clear that this move is in the best interests of the country during this difficult and unprecedented time.

A limited number of sites will remain partially open, but they will have strict social distancing rules enforced by on-site staff and their opening will be reviewed on a daily basis.

The health and welfare of the public is incredibly important to the water industry, and they are advising customers to follow the Government’s advice on staying at home if possible and avoiding contact with other people.