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New website for customers to see how their water companies are performing

Customers can now quickly and easily see how their water company is performing and compare it to other companies.

The information can be found on and has a comprehensive range of data covering water quality, public health, customer service and environmental aspects of water and sewerage services.

The website is the first of its kind in Europe. It has been designed to help household customers in England and Wales by bringing together in one place key information about how their water and sewerage services are provided.

Water companies and regulators hope DiscoverWater will encourage customers to talk to their water companies and influence decisions on how their services are run.

DiscoverWater is a collaborative project. Led and funded by water companies, it has been delivered by an independent third party and overseen by a sector-wide group, including the sector’s regulators and consumer watchdog.

The information used on DiscoverWater is already separately published by water companies, Ofwat, Defra, Drinking Water Inspectorate, Environment Agency and the Consumer Council for Water.

The DiscoverWater website also provides general information about how water and sewerage services operate, including the processes undertaken to get water to and from our homes.

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive, Water UK said: “Households in England and Wales on average spend £389 a year on water and sewerage, so it is right that they should understand what they are getting for their money.

“This simple tool combines for the first time unbiased industry-level and company-by-company information on the issues that customers say matter to them. We hope it leads to more people getting involved in how their water and sewerage services are run.”

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Notes for editors:

There is a lot of information available on DiscoverWater. To help consumers understand the meaning of the data behind the stats, DiscoverWater has links where people can find out more about their company’s performance. This list is available at: