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Michael Roberts response to Labour’s ‘Clear Water’ report

Responding to the publication of Labour’s Clear Water report, Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of Water UK, said:

“At the moment there’s a well-run water industry that’s delivering lower bills, increasing investment, and which has cut leakage by a third over the last 20 years.

“To replace managers who have decades of experience in running successful water companies, and put much needed investment at risk by handing the industry over to politicians, risks years of chaos in an essential public service.”

The water industry has recently published its future vision for the sector, A Manifesto for Water, which outlines a 16% cut in leakage, an above 4% real-term reduction in average bills, and a 90% in the amount of customers receiving financial support from their water company. It also includes a new programme for helping the environment, which will see 8000 km of rivers cleaned and improved.

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