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International flushability statement

A global statement has now been signed by 281 organisations across 20 countries outlining the water industry’s current position regarding misleading ‘flushable’ labelled products.

This follows news that last month, water companies wrote to trading standards to complain about packaging of wet wipes and other sanitary products that claim these items are ‘flushable’.

Our toilets are designed for the three Ps only: poo, pee and (toilet) paper.

The international statement recommends that consumers must be given clear and unambiguous information about appropriate disposal methods of products.

The statement also calls on the manufacturers to clearly label their products as non-flushable until an agreed ISO flushability technical standard has been agreed with the water industry.

In the UK alone, water companies estimate it costs £88 million a year to unblock sewers, and more than half of blockages are exacerbated by wipes and hygiene products. This does not include the human and environmental impact and cost.

If you are interested in learning more about how the water sector works with waste, take a look at the industry dashboard of information, Discover Water.

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