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One bubble floating on the water surface in horizontal view - concept

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Future of the water sector

Water companies have been contributing expertise and perspectives to inform the debate on the future of water, in partnership with all the sector’s stakeholders. No one organisation has all the answers, so Water UK is hosting a marketplace of ideas, where water companies have been setting out their thoughts.

Looking forward 25 years and more, the water sector faces challenges from population growth, climate change, tightening environmental standards and changing customer expectations. These challenges will require both significant further investment and continuing evolution of the sector’s regulatory framework.

There are now 25 contributions to the debate, covering a wide range of topics – future challenges and uncertainties facing the sector, customer engagement, outcomes, totex, menus, capital maintenance, access pricing, RCV, financing the water sector, the duration of price controls, water resources and sludge treatment and disposal.

Companies look forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders to provide reliable, resilient and value-for-money services for customers.

Marketplace for ideas – discussion papers