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Consumers using water more wisely

The Consumer Council for Water’s ‘Attitudes to Tap Water and Using Water Wisely‘ 2016 survey reveals more consumers are attempting to use tap water efficiently than last year.

According to the report, two-thirds of adults say they have made a conscious decision to use less water in the past three years, up 13% from 2015. The survey suggests that the main reason was to save money.

However, people are drinking bottled water at home (14%, up from 8% in 2015) and fewer people are drinking tap water at work and in restaurants.

UK tap water is tightly regulated and consistently ranks among the best in the world; drinking the water that comes from your tap is the cheapest way to stay healthy and hydrated.

Water UK strongly supports efforts to improve water efficiency. You can find advice on how to improve yours on our consumer pages.

The water industry also backs WaterWise, an organisation set up to help us all save the water that we don’t need.

Consumer Council for Water

CCWater Survey – ‘Attitudes to Tap Water and Using Water Wisely’

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