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All-time low in written complaints to water companies

CCWater’s latest complaints report reveals an all-time low in the number of written complaints made to water companies, after a significant fall in unwanted contacts by water customers since 2010. Responding to the findings, Water UK Chief Executive Michael Roberts said:

“The many improvements made by water companies is making a difference, with written complaints falling below 100,000 for the first time and a significant fall in the number of issues having to be dealt with over the phone since 2010. But as an industry we want to keep getting better, and make sure the downward trend in complaints and the increase in customer satisfaction continues. That’s why companies are investing billions over the next few years and increasing their focus on customer service.”

CCWater’s report, Complaints to Water Companies, England and Wales (April 2016 – March 2017), revealed that written complaints received by water companies had fallen by 11% on the previous year, down to 95,274. The number of unwanted contacts – when contact is unwanted from the customer’s perspective because they would not need to make the call if they didn’t have an issue with their bill or water or sewerage service – currently stands at 2,149,040. This is a slight increase from 2015-16, but a considerable drop from the figure of more than 6 million calls in 2009/10. This data is available on Page 3 of CCWater’s report.

CCWater’s Water Matters Annual Tracking Survey (April 2016 – March 2017) confirmed that customer satisfaction levels currently stand at 93% and 88% for water and sewerage services respectively.


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