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Water UK response to Government's Environment Plan

Responding to publication of the Government’s Environment Plan, Water UK Chief Executive Michael Roberts, said:

"Water companies believe passionately in a healthier, greener nation and the positive contribution we make to that. We strongly endorse the Plan's emphasis on a more holistic approach to tackling the big environmental challenges we all face. From tackling plastics pollution to encouraging more efficient use of water, we look forward to working with Government and others to make the Plan a reality."

On drinking water, Mr Roberts said:

“We believe that everyone should have clean, healthy, top quality drinking water, while also protecting the environment. That is why we are going to work with retailers and local communities to make it easier for people to get drinking water for free in towns and cities all over the country. We’re pleased the Government is supporting water companies’ action, which will improve people’s health and cut waste from plastic bottles.”

On natural capital and catchment management, Mr Roberts said:

“There is welcome focus on natural capital and catchment management to protect the water environment. Companies fund around a third of the £13 billion spent every year on England’s river catchments and often also occupy the central, coordinating role needed to gather up to 50 or so local players. The plan’s ambition for this model, and to work smarter, will bring benefits for river quality, farmers, flooding as well as water bill payers.”

On the need to reduce water demand, including through personal consumption, Mr Roberts said:

“Given pressures from climate change and a rising population, the plan justly recognises the need to protect our water supplies. We look forward to working with Government on getting to the right long-term pathway for maintaining our rivers, wetlands and groundwater at the levels we need, which will include action on personal consumption as well as making sure houses and pipes are water-efficient.”

The Government's Environment Plan

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