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Water UK responds to the third Climate Change Risk Assessment report

Responding to today's publication of the third Climate Change Risk Assessment report (CCRA3) by the Climate Change Committee, Sam Larsen, Water UK Director of Carbon and Programmes said:

“Today’s Assessment report by the Climate Change Committee shows how vital it is for the water industry, regulators, and customers to work together on tackling and mitigating the impacts of the climate emergency.

“Water efficiency, protecting and improving habitats and biodiversity go to the very heart of the challenges the industry and society faces, but something we’re helping address now with our industry-wide net zero commitments and by investing £5bn over the next few years to improve the environment today, and not tomorrow.

“The report also shows the water industry is making good progress in adapting to climate change; however, more work still needs to be done in addressing the long-term challenges. Adapting our infrastructure is as important as reducing our emissions as climate change impacts become more severe, and therefore, we are looking to the Environment Bill and Ofwat’s 2024 Price Review to help develop the right regulatory environment to empower water companies to deliver a carbon-neutral, nature-based future that is critical to protecting the environment, people and communities we serve.”