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Water UK responds to publication of Event Duration Monitoring data

Responding to the publication of 2020 Event Duration Monitoring data for storm overflows a Water UK spokesperson said:

“Water companies are committed to playing their part in reducing any harm from storm overflows. As the data shows, we have massively increased monitoring, with the aim of getting 100% of the 14,630 overflows in England monitored by the end of 2023. This data is invaluable and allows investment to be targeted where it’s needed most.  A total of £1.1bn is being invested by water companies to improve storm overflows over the next 5 years as part of a wider £5bn programme of environmental improvements. In addition, we are playing a leading role in the Government taskforce that is looking at long-term alternatives to storm overflows.

“What we all want to see are improvements in the health of our rivers.  Storm overflows account for only around 4% of all the reasons for rivers and waterways not achieving good ecological status, so it’s essential to deal with all the other sources of harm, and all sectors involved will need to play a part in addressing this complex challenge together.”