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Response to Environmental Performance Assessment

Water UK Chief Executive, Michael Roberts, has responded to the Environment Agency's Environmental Performance Assessment, released today, Wednesday 11 July.

"This report rightly highlights that the majority of the companies in the sector have a 'good' or 'leading' performance when it comes to protecting and enhancing the environment.

"The Environment Agency notes in the report that there has been a significant improvement in water quality, and acknowledges the industry's role in achieving it through substantial investment. By 2020, water companies will have invested around 25 billion in environmental work since 1995, and this action will mean around 10,000 miles of UK rivers have been improved and protected since then.

"In addition, the water industry has invested well over 2.5 billion since the 1990s to protect UK bathing waters, with the result that two thirds of UK beaches are now classed as excellent, compared with less than a third 25 years ago.

"Companies are looking to go further and plans for substantial investment in the environment are currently being finalised."

Environment Agency Environmental Performance Assessment


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