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Response to the Environment Agency’s annual report on environmental performance

In response to the Environment Agency’s annual report on the environmental performance of England’s water and sewerage companies, Christine McGourty, Chief Executive of Water UK, said:

“This year’s Environmental Performance Assessment shows a record 5 companies in England achieving the highest possible 4-star rating for their environmental performance, while serious pollution incidents have also fallen to their lowest level ever. This means that the majority of water and sewerage companies are now defined as ‘industry leading’ by their independent environment regulator, a significant step forward and a reflection of the commitment and focus that water companies place on protecting and enhancing the environment.

 “Companies are investing a further £5billion on environmental improvements over the next few years. That includes work on storm overflows, investment in wastewater treatment works, and using natural alternatives and the latest technology to keep sewage out of rivers and take pressure off wastewater networks.

“Looking ahead, we need government and regulators to work with the water industry on ensuring rivers get the investment they need to achieve and sustain the best possible water quality.”