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Everyone urged to save water during nationwide heatwave

  • Easy top-tips show how everyone can take important water-saving measures at home
  • Green-fingered, DIY enthusiasts, families and young people can all make a big difference

Across the country gardeners, families and communities are being urged to save water this summer as the UK basks in record-breaking temperatures.

As part of the nationwide Water’s Worth Saving campaign everyone is being encouraged to take some simple steps to cut down on the water they use as water companies see high demand for water during the current heatwave.

The call comes after the Met Office released its first ever extreme heat weather warning, with large parts of Wales, south-west England, parts of central and southern England, as well as Northern Ireland all covered by the warnings.

All four UK nations recorded the hottest day of the year over the weekend, and temperatures are expected to continue to rise during the rest of the week.

Everyone can make a difference by following some simple hints and tips to save water, such as:

  • Don’t wash your car- Save yourself a chore and proudly let your car stay dirty
  • Let nature water your grass- Allow lawns to go brown – it will soon go green again when it rains
  • Save paddling pool water- Top-up and reuse paddling pool water for your plants and grass
  • Put down the garden hose – Use watering cans for lawns, plants and flower beds, instead of garden hoses
  • Running taps are wasteful- Don’t let taps run when brushing your teeth – turn them off
  • Take shorter showers- Knocking a minute or two off to take shorter 4-minute showers
  • Fill your dishwasher before you use it – Don’t use your dishwasher until it is full and save water and energy.

The Water’s Worth Saving campaign, now in its second year, is a joint initiative between water industry trade body Water UK, and water-saving experts Waterwise.

Last year water companies saw a dramatic increase in household water usage – in some cases 20% above pre-Covid levels– as more people stayed at home during the pandemic.

This summer, with the mercury rising and fewer people taking foreign holidays a surge in ‘staycations’ is expected as restrictions ease, and water usage is again likely to be higher than normal.

An increase in hotter drier summers caused by climate change as well as an increasing population mean there is a risk of water shortages by 2050 – saving water has never been more important.

Peter Jenkins, Water UK Director of Campaigns, said:

“As the UK basks in a heatwave, we know that people will want to get out and about and enjoy themselves with their families and friends.

“Our simple hints and tips, such as letting your lawn go brown, reusing paddling pool water, and using watering cans instead of a garden hose, are easy things we can all do to help conserve water and protect the environment.

“Making small changes to our everyday routines at home, on holiday or in the garden can make a big difference to our water supplies.”

Steven Ramsdale, Met Office Chief Operational Meteorologist said:

“The high temperatures are going to continue through a large part of this week, with temperatures regularly in the high 20s and low 30s Celsius by day along with high overnight temperatures.

“The Met Office, in partnership with public health agencies across the UK, has issued an amber extreme heat warning. This is focussed over some western parts of the UK as this is where the most unusually high temperatures are likely to persist. However, many parts of the UK will continue to see heatwave thresholds breached during the week."