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Water Crown II - Concept

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We’re supporting World Water Day

The UK water sector believes that access to clean water and sanitation is absolutely essential, which is why we are supporting World Water Day.

Water and sanitation underpin society because without them we cannot protect public health and ensure food and energy security and economic growth.

World Water Day highlights this essential role for water and is being marked with celebrations and events around the world.

Water UK is also supporting WaterAid’s call for a dedicated water and sanitation goal within the United Nation’s Sustainable Development framework, which will be set later this year.

We need this because there are 750 million people, which is more than one in ten of the world’s population, without access to an improved water supply. And there are 2.5 billion people who still live without improved sanitation.

Climate change and population growth are leading to even greater demands and pressures on water resources from agriculture, industry and cities. This is hastening a water crisis that can only be addressed by joint long-term action nationally, internationally and globally.