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Water UK welcomes new member

Water UK is delighted to announce that Independent Water Networks Limited (IWNL) has joined as a new member.

IWNL provides water and sewerage services to both residential and business customers on new-build housing developments across the UK. The primary focus of the business is customer services. IWNL is committed to ensuring that customers receive the highest quality services available and focus on providing a fair and excellent service.

The water industry is changing, with a more customer-focused approach to setting prices and with all business, public sector and charity customers due to have a choice of supplier from April 2017.With new members like IWNL, Water UK is changing too – its aim is to reflect and represent the full diversity of the industry as it evolves.

Pamela Taylor, Chief Executive of Water UK, said: “I am delighted IWNL has joined Water UK. Our membership now comprises all the main UK water undertakers and insets and demonstrates that we are open to all companies in the industry, whether they are large established names or sector specialists.

“The inclusion of IWNL into our membership will bring different perspectives and new ideas, while they will benefit from working in closer partnership with our existing members. Together, we will continue to bring people together to create better policies for the future of water and customer service – an industry that provides world-leading water quality and wastewater services and attracts multi-billion pounds of investment, creating and securing jobs and supporting business growth and house-building.”

Edward Attree, General Manager of IWNL, said: “IWNL is excited and looking forward to being a proactive member of Water UK. After health and safety of our networks, customer services are our priority. We are always striving to improve customer satisfaction and to ensure our customers are provided with the best quality services possible. Being a member of Water UK will assist IWNL not only to develop existing policies but also to explore new initiatives with the wider Water UK members whose focus is on customers, water quality and improving the water industry’s future.”

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