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One bubble floating on the water surface in horizontal view - concept

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Water UK response to GMB ‘Take Back the Tap’ campaign

Commenting on the launch of the GMB’s ‘Take Back the Tap’ campaign, Water UK Chief Executive, Michael Roberts said:

“Water companies have invested around £150 billion on improvements and infrastructure in the last 30 years, and continue to spend £8 billion a year to keep on improving. Thanks to this large investment, we’ve seen leakage reduced, drinking water quality improved, a better environment, and bills are roughly where they were 20 years ago – about £1 a day – and people need to ask themselves whether a water industry owned and run by the government would invest the same money and deliver the same good results for customers. Since privatisation, customers are 5 times less likely to suffer from supply interruptions, 8 times less likely to suffer from sewer flooding, and 100 times less likely to have low water pressure. If the water industry was owned and run by the government in England, it is far from obvious that it would be a priority for Ministers, given the pressures they face to spend on areas like health and education.”

Water UK Communications
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