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Water companies helping to speed up building of new homes

The water sector has provided the first of a package of measures to help developers build more quickly the new homes that are so urgently needed.

These measures are set out in a guide for home builders published today by the Government, as part of an ongoing programme of activity to ensure that utility connections do not slow down development.

Water companies in England and Wales are playing their full part, and have voluntarily signed up to standards for the service they provide to their developer customers. Quarterly performance reports will be published from the spring, to be transparent and drive continuous improvement in the sector.

Pamela Taylor, Chief Executive, Water UK, said: “It is absolutely vital that all the relevant sectors and industries pull together to deliver the Government’s programme for the essential homebuilding that we so urgently need.

“The water industry is fully committed to removing the barriers so development can happen faster and better.

“The standards we have set in the guide show exactly how the water and sewerage industry is committed to improving infrastructure delivery and to ensuring that connection times and costs are reduced.”

The guide, called Better Connected – a practical guide to utilities for home builders, is available here.

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