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Resilience of water supplies

Customers’ number one priority for the water industry is safe, reliable supplies of water at a price they can afford. To deliver this, it’s critically important that the water industry plans for the long term, because decisions and investments made today will determine the level of service that the industry can provide well into the future.

To understand better the challenges the industry faces over the long term, and to help shape a high level strategy and framework for the long term planning of water resources in England and Wales, the water industry has commissioned a consortium of Atkins, Mott McDonald and NERA to carry out a major project on the resilience of water supplies over at least the next 50 years. The project will aim to strengthen the overall resilience of water resources for all water users and to protect the environment.

The steering group for the project includes water companies, Defra, the Welsh Government, Ofwat, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Natural England. The project will aim to report in the middle of 2016 and we will keep stakeholders updated on progress.

Planning for the long term – framework and terms of reference

Environment and resilience