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High standards for developer services maintained

The water industry has demonstrated its commitment to supporting the delivery of new homes in the UK by maintaining its high standards of service to developers.

Since the first report, published in July 2015, water companies have seen a sustained average improvement against a range of targets, with overall levels of service performance rising from 89% to 98% for water supply and from 94% to 99% for sewerage.

The report, which is published today, uses new software and represents a significant development in the quality of data that is being provided, allowing anyone to analyse the data and compare individual companies’ performance.

The water industry has also been able to enhance the value of the report by providing additional data to help interpret the performance information. This additional data allows interested parties to better understand the impact of issues affecting infrastructure provision.

As the year progresses, further changes are to be made to the reporting system in response to comments from a range of stakeholders.

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of Water UK, said: “The latest results on developer services are promising. Water companies continue to be committed to working hard to improve their performance.”

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