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EU told tighter drinking water rules not needed in UK

Drinking water in the UK is among the very best in the world and any further EU intervention could lead to unnecessary extra costs to customers, says Water UK.

Responding to the EU consultation on the Drinking Water Directive, Water UK said any future changes to drinking water quality standards must be based on robust scientific evidence of risks to human health.

And crucially, with customers in the UK and across Europe facing cost of living pressures, it is essential that customer affordability and acceptability is taken into account in setting future legislation and standards.

Pamela Taylor, Chief Executive, Water UK, said: “We are very proud of our record on drinking water quality in the UK and the benefits it has brought to people’s health and well-being.

“Drinking water regulators in the UK provide the robust regulation needed to ensure that standards are maintained and that the water industry is always looking to identify and tackle risks to drinking water and consequently safeguarding public health.

“It is vital that the EU recognises the standards we already impose on ourselves in the UK, and the impacts that any proposed tighter regulation could have on customers’ bills.”

The European Commission launched the latest consultation in June to assess the need for any changes to EU drinking water legislation.

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