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Developer services work on charging and planning

In July Water UK began quarterly reporting of water company performance against regulatory and industry targets in relation to services provided to developers. The aim of this work is to drive up companies’ performance in the provision of these services. This quantitative approach is likely to be complemented in the near future with customer satisfaction measuring.

Workshops on planning and charging are now also feeding into Water UK’s work in this area.

The first session of this latest initiative has been timed to ensure outputs can contribute to Defra’s work on guidance to Ofwat on charging issues. Defra intends to consult on this guidance later this year. A second part will explore steps to reduce conflicts which can arise when water companies seek planning conditions, with a view to ensuring that companies have time to provide infrastructure before a new development is occupied.

The sessions include representatives from companies, from developers and self-lay operators and their representatives and from government departments and regulators. The meetings will be independently chaired by John Smith, a regulatory specialist and former long-term member of the Competition Commission.