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Developer services remain high for final 2016 results

The water industry is continuing to play its part in the delivery of new homes in the UK by maintaining high standards for developer services.

The overall numbers remain high with performance continuing at 98% for water supply and 99% for sewerage services between September and December.

There are now a vast number of activities on which the metrics are based: 126,000 for water supply and 10,000 for sewerage in the last quarter alone. Within these statistics, there are however some individual metrics where improvements are needed and companies are working hard to address those areas of under-performance.

A particular change that is evident is that developers are increasingly laying their own on-site and off-site connections. The industry has worked with self-lay operators to revise the future metrics associated with self-lay.

Overall, companies remain open to making further changes to provide the greatest possible transparency on their performance and are looking at further changes to the reporting system over the next few months.

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